Whatever be the field of work, all the equipments involved should be properly inspected and maintained for achieving excellence. We are in to this stream of inspection and certification of Oilfield tools and pipeline systems.

Petron, now established as an inspection service operating in the United Arab Emirates Free zone will be offering you the best in class services. We have the expertise for looking in to your need and providing the services fit for your purpose.

Petron offers inspection services as per the API standards, TH Hill DS-1 categories following all the stringent procedures and the North sea NS-2 criterions for all the oil field equipments.

We know that drilling down through the solid earth with all those harsh and tough surroundings will bring wear and tear to your tools. And at times, the Mother Nature behaves unpredictably. We work to ensure the safety of your equipments at all conditions, with experts in hand, we can determine the limit, life and usability of a tool. A proper timely care will be far more effective than curing things.

With prior importance to Safety, quality and perfection in what we do, we are sure we will head to be a reputed firm providing quality services in the industry.

Our Services

  • Complete BHA Components
  • Drill string components
  • Non-Magnetic (MONEL) components
  • Inspection of a wide range of Fishing tools and Tubular running tools (TRS)
  • Full rig inspection